Dr. Shawn Skillern, M.D.

I have been both a patient and referring physician to Jeff Wilson and BodyWorks for the last several years. As a patient, I can truly say that they have tremendously improved my quality of life; optimizing both my ability to withstand the physical demands of being a surgeon as well as being able to participate in my recreational interests. They are a dedicated, caring, and talented team that consistently delivers great outcomes for my patients.

Yvonne O’Kane, M.S. Exercise Physiology/Sports Medicine

I have had the need to use the services of BodyWorks Physical Therapy on more occasions than I really should admit. I have played a lot of very physical sports all of my life and after 50 plus years the wear and tear has become evident. My initial injuries were torn meniscus in both knees, with a cracked patella for good measure. My orthopedic surgeon told me to try PT with Jeff Wilson, but he would most likely see me for surgery later that year. Under the guidance of Jeff, Brenda and the rest of the team I did not end up with surgery and continue to play tennis many hours per week. Four years ago I added Outrigger Canoeing to my every expanding repertoire of crazy sports. With that came some wrist problems and later this year some neck and back issues. The team at BodyWorks not only treats the injury but also insures that you have a program to strengthen and maintain the muscle system to attempt to avoid re-injury. I am impressed with how quickly they have consistently managed to get me back to full strength and back to the sports I love. With 5 years working as an Exercise Physiologist in a sports medicine clinic and 30 years as an Adapted PE specialist I have worked with a lot of physical therapists. My faith in the quality of care, knowledge base and professionalism the staff at BodyWorks provides in unparalleled.

Laurie Lemson

Having had 5 joint replacements and two back surgeries, I am well-acquainted with the process of physical therapy and rehab. The surgeon does half the work, the Physical Therapist does the rest. I’ve learned it is imperative to have a skilled and dedicated expert to guide me through recovery and I have found the BEST at BodyWorks. Jeff Wilson is in a class of his own, possessing superior technical skills, an uncommon degree of knowledge and a sensitive perceptiveness enabling him to work intuitively with the body to achieve the best results. The rest of his staff are excellent as well. It’s a wonderful feeling to walk in to their bright, sunny office and be greeted warmly and sincerely by Liz. All of the staff is encouraging and supportive. It can be difficult at times, the hard work of recovery, but at BodyWorks I have my own personal cheerleaders!

There is such a vibrant and positive energy there which matches the pleasantness of the physical space. One whole wall is glass revealing the outdoor park-like setting of the office. All the equipment is excellent as well.

BodyWorks doesn’t just help you recover from injury or surgery. They provide you with an understanding of your body and what you can do to keep it functioning optimally. I have learned exercises from them that I will continue to do the rest of my life to protect my joints. I always leave there standing straighter and feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.

Thank you, BodyWorks!

Don Plank

I’ve been involved with BodyWorks for three years with off and on therapies for different body parts. My experience has been superb. The staff is extremely accomplished with knowledge, caring attitude, giving of their time to answer all your questions, and real concern about you as a total person.

Patients are encouraged to use the exercise equipment anytime, at no charge, whether they are receiving current therapy or not. Even on those unofficial times you can ask questions to clarify exercises and your current status.

The atmosphere is very friendly with community spirit and other patients I observe are also very happy, receiving actual hands on therapy for a very generous amount of time with immediate follow up exercises explained fully.

I encourage you to make an appointment with BodyWorks for your physical therapy needs. Your body will thank you!

Janet Darnall

I was referred to BodyWorks by my doctor for right shoulder pain and restricted motion. I’ve never had physical therapy before and didn’t know exactly what to expect. My experience at BodyWorks was excellent. My therapist, Todd Whitmore, was very patient with me and spent much of my time there manipulating my shoulder to improve range of motion and was very generous with explanations of why and how it was necessary. The aides, Jay and Hunter, followed up each session teaching exercises to be done and were each wonderful and thoughtful. I worked with these individuals over several weeks and it was an excellent experience. I have no hesitation in recommending them and returning to them in the future for my own needs.

Shirley Newsom

I was referred by my podiatrist for a torn ligament in my ankle/foot. Bodyworks addressed my therapy specifically by PT’s familiar with my case. I have felt lost by physical therapy clinics in the past. BodyWorks gave me specific staff, treating and educating me each session. My Physical Therapist, Todd, reviewed my status every session, addressed all questions, and redirected treatment and training when he judged necessary. At the end of my prescription, I am confident in a good recovery, and the tools I’ve been taught to use.

Linda Spruill

I was very happy with my care at BodyWorks. Todd, my therapist, was very knowledgeable and most helpful. The staff was very friendly. I would recommend them to everyone.

Patricia Hamilton

The therapy I received at BodyWorks following a hip replacement was top notch. Todd is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging, as are all the staff there. It was a very positive experience.

Steve Burhans

Jeff Wilson, what a guy! I’m a mountain biking enthusiast and just after our annual 50 miler I developed pain in my left knee. I went to my doctor and after a few x-rays found that my left knee was 10 years older than my right?! This, I believe was caused by two things, 1) Driving a manual transmission for many years, and 2) using clip in pedals that had very little float- side to side motion. As a result, the pedals were making my knee move contrary to the way it should have; wearing away the cartilage. Yes, surgery was an option, but a friend of mine who is an orthopedic surgeon sent me to Jeff Wilson. Jeff wanted to try out his skills on my knee. He knew exactly the regime I should be on and after a few months, I was like new. New pedals, and Jeff even adjusted my bike to my body. I’ve been riding ever since and that was 15 years ago. Thanks Jeff for your patience, talent, and ability. I will recommend you to anyone and of course even though I’m getting older, I will never forget this story and your name.

Maggie Garemani

I’m what you might call a mountain goat. All my life I’ve been hiking, running, and was a gymnast in college. My legs and knees are the cornerstone of my physical activity and many miles a day in the mountains unfortunately took it’s toll. At 58, I injured my right knee and, for the life of me, I don’t know how it happened. I consulted my two doctors and they told me I had a torn meniscus tendon and to schedule surgery right away. But being stubborn, I went for a third opinion and that one sent me to Jeff Wilson. Through his skill and patience, and time, I was able to return to what I loved- hiking. I feel I’m better today than I’ve ever been. I even took on one of the hardest day hikes in the U.S, Cactus to the Clouds; the desert floor the San Jacinto Peak at 10,700 feet; 22 miles and 14 hours. Today, at 66 and getting older I’m hiking with friends and clients and putting in 10-15 miles a day. Thank you Jeff!

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